(Training on International Level)
is a complete engineer course.
covering the greatest milestone of your future:

  • Industrial Electrical Engineer
  • Industrial Electronic Engineer
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Control
  • Industrial Automation and Control
  • industrial Power Distribution System
  • industrial Mechanical System
  • industrial Operation and Production
  • Industrial Management and Control

Application & Operation, Basic Electrical/Basic Electronics, W.L.C, PLC Programming with analog model, HMI Programming Inverter (VFD) Parameter setting and manual reading, VFD installation, D.C Drivers. Analysis and Calibration,Temperature controller, Burner and heating control system of machine, Counter, Level controller, PCB Repairing and Testing, Electronics component working and testing, Controllers, Sensors, Switching sensor and Measuring sensor, analyzing and calibration control devices and field instruments, Solenoid valve, Gauges, Pneumatic control (air) Hydraulic control system (Oil) of industrial machine and plant.

Synchronizing system of Industrial Machineries, Feedback control and safety, Single/3 phase Industrial Wiring, Single/Three phase panel control and Power Wiring, Industrial control circuits DOL, Rev/Fd, ASD, Single/3 phase meter installation D.C motors, A.C motors, Star Delta Control Circuit, CCTV Camera wiring, Type of Transformers, A.T.S panel, H.T Supply and Distributions, Power factor panel working and installation, Earth Making and testing and Recharging, L.T panel and Power supply, type of Load, Industrial load calculation and load balancing, selection of cables, Cables joints, Termination and connection, Types of Tool and their uses, Repair & maintenance of switchgear, switchgear automation, Troubleshooting and fault finding industrial machine and plant as per diagram/ without diagram, All machineries reading diagram techniques, Industrial safety and environment. Awareness of Industrial human politics, Conversion KVA, KW, HP to current, Industrial documentation, Mechanical System of machineries, Industrial Tours, Annual convocation (life time invitation).

Leadership Qualities: Develop unbeatable engineer qualities, responsibility of engineer in a industry, identification of right decision making, speaking and defining skills, difference between reverse engineering and forward engineering, planning, saving and auditing, analytical technical and practical approach development to make your dependent on yourself only, Improving working capabilities.